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Weight Loss

Finding a Safe Weight Loss Program

Weight Loss

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There are varieties of programs of weight loss to available on the internet as well as other mediums of information. Every program ensures and guarantees you to reduce your excess weight rapidly. Other than how numerous of these programs essentially work as well as the programs that do, how harmless are they? Moreover, you will be reading some good tricks in this article which will help you in finding a safe and effectual weight loss programs.

The initial thing which is necessary to know is that what is safe weight loss? Safe weight loss comprises of three main factors; how greatly weights you mislay, how speedily you reduces the weight and by what process you employ to lose the weight.

It is important to gather all the necessary information regarding what ideal weight will be in respect of you height, age as well as your bone structure. How swiftly and effectively you lose weight which should not exceed one to two pounds in a week. Individuals who loses weight extremely speedily risk, often injured themselves or in majority cases they put up the weight as fast as they have lost it. This is the reason why many of the quick weight loss diets are workless. There are numerous methods in which you can reduce your weight. Diet pills are one of the most risky ways of weight loss which causes potential health risks as well as other frequent side effects.

Now that you have understood the essentials of what safe and secured weight loss program is, searching for one is only a matter of studying and exploring each programs what they offers. A program which guarantees you that it will help you reduce around ten pounds in five days, it is absolutely not a safe program to use because of the specific reduce of weight and time period. You don’t have to think that it will works or not, the main thing which should be kept in mind is that if they are offering loosing weight rapidly, then for sure they are harmful to your health. The most essential way to lose weight is to eat a smaller amount.

Finally, as you continue your research on the weight loss programs just keep in mind the essential information being outlined in this article as risky. Eventually you will find a program which will suits your basic needs as well as helps you to lose weight naturally.

Body and Lifestyle

Success Stories : 20 Week Body and Lifestyle Competition

Body and Lifestyle

Jolene Swart

In the 2011 series and at age 35 Jolene got rid of 31kg in the 30 week version of our competition, going from 120.8kg to 89.8 kg. Check out those before and after photos showing that a 34.5cm smaller waist and 28cm smaller hip measurement

“I don’t suffer from headaches any more. I used to take pain killers at least 2 – 3 times week… Feeling the clothes get baggier and baggier and looking totally silly after a while really made me happy. Going shopping for small sizes just put me on a high. Realizing that I had dropped 3-4 sizes even before the 20 weeks was up just made me want to jump up and down. Even getting to the double digits on the scales put me on cloud 9. The comments from people around you and even those who hadn’t seen you in a few months just make you float” Click here to read more.

Trainer: Roger Symes

Susan Murphy

Susan worked 21.7kg of weight off going from 142.5kg to 120.7kg and her waist dropped by 22cm

“All my life since the day I was born I have been overweight….I remember my first ever job when I was 15 years old. I knew the two other girls and one day asked my boss why she chose me and not one of the other two girls that applied. What she told me has haunted me for years. She said and no word of a lie, I chose you because you’re fat and you wont distract the boys out the back!. Since then, I have lived with a wall that I put up every day to tell the world “I am okay” and I don’t mind being big. The truth is, I hurt everyday and I hate it…………..When I won the challenge with Classic Hits, I truly knew my life could be different, I knew this was my chance to change and that is what has kept me going even when I was in pain.” Click here to read more.

Trainer: Freya Thomson

Wendy Pearce

Wendy not only won a free entry into the competition she did so well losing,  that she walked away with a Galvanic Spa worth more than $500.   We think the photos say it all.  Good work Wendy.

Trainer: Roger Symes

See what happened to this ladies figure! Click here The Evolution


Deb McAlpine

Deb competed in 2009 and became our 20 Week model for 2010 ending the competition 7 kg lighter than when she started and being the lightest she had been in 15 years at which time she proudly bought her first size 12 jeans since 1995. To read more..

Trainer: Belinda Edmondston


Best Male Increase in Strength Series 5 “Completing the 20 Week Challenge has been the most satisfying experience that I have had in many years and it is definitely the greatest gift that I could ever give my body. I feel 15 years younger and I look fantastic. I am the strongest I have ever been in my life, and I have more stamina than I had 10 years ago. Old unhealthy habits have been replaced with new positive and healthy habits. I have proved to myself and others that you are never too old to get in to top shape.

Thank you to the 20 Week Challenge team, without your hard work none of the elation and pain of the past 20 weeks would have had a real purpose. The regular news letters were a constant source of inspiration. Keeps up the fantastic work, it really is making a difference to people’s lives.”

Trainer: Dwayne Thomas

Rebecca Moss (in the middle)

SomeBody Weigh Better, New Mums Award in 2010 and 2011 Jean Scott Professional Physique Award.

“I do believe that without the 20 week challenge, my dream of losing my pregnancy weight would still be that….a dream.

For me the 20 week challenge has been life altering. I have always struggled with my self image but now I am on top of the world, looking and feeling the best I ever have…the 20 week challenge is something I will be recommending to everyone.”

Trainer: Robyn Perkins (Robyn is far right and that’s Rebecca’s mum on the left)

Cindy waved good bye to 37.6kgs in 2011


Sharron (seen here with Matthew from Diamond Mine Jewellery) won the title of Diamond Mine Jewellery Best Overall Entrant,

Sharron lost 92 cm over the 20 weeks and a whopping 25.2kg.  With a cheeky smile Sharron says she can now shop in “a normal person’s store” and that ” the whole event was amazingly organized… I think the challenge is just wonderful and would like to enable everyone to give it a go.”

“I used to have an excuse for everything, a negative remark and a very judging eye. It basically consumed me. So my advice is to let go of all the excuses, of all the reasons why you cannot do something – because I think you can. I know that is scary to let go of your excuse blankey but it is really very liberating and is a great weight off of your shoulders when you let it go. Be true to yourself, accept that you are on a journey and enjoy it”

Trainer: Cher Hunter.

Aron Anderson – won the Jean Scott Professional Physique Award

At 38 years young Aron lost over 8kg of body fat in series 2. She and subsequently went on to compete in her first ever body sculpting competition.

Trainer: Amanda Armitage


Stephanie competed in 2009 and became our 2009 model having lost 9.5kg in body fat and 16 cm from her waist as part of our first pilot programme.

Trainer: Broni McSweeney

Paul won the Best Changes to Lifestyle

“I’m back to playing Rugby…at 40″ Having suffered from major injuries, Paul now plays rugby for 2 teams. Paul put on a massive 10cm around his chest/back (muscle) during the competition while taking off 3cm from around his waist

Trainer: Amanda Armitage

Paulette – Winner of the Jean Scott Professional Physique Award.

Paulette (right) receiving her award from Jean Scott (left).

Paulette was the heaviest she had ever been when she entered the competition but over the 20 weeks she lost 10kgs in weight and made massive improvements to her strength, going for instance, from being able to do 17 full pushups to being able to do 59 and from doing no chin ups to 7.

Trainer: Lisa Lilley

Carol – Winner Circo Arts Best Changes to Flexibility – Series 4

Carol had a 19cm increase in hamstring flexibility and 47cm in upper body flexibility!

Trainer:  Deb Wilson

Kathy – Female Award for Best Increase in Strength – Series 4

Kathy went from doing 21 full pushups to doing 40 and  from 47 squats in 2 minutes to 90! She is now more than 11 kgs lighter than when she started and has found a love for running.  Kathy is now planning on entering the 2 day Speights Coast to Coast.

Trainer: Desra Barron

Mike won the Best Changes to Abdominals – Series 4

Mike’s step test improved by almost 100% over the 20 weeks, he went from doing 22 full pushups to doing 64 and  from being 7cm away from touching his toes – to touching them. He also lost 7kg!

Trainer: Tarsh Guy

Jo Beck

Jo lost over 8kg in body fat in the first series.  Her partner was so inspired he entered the next competition and he lost 12kgs.

Trainer: Amanda Armitage

Ngaire – Winner Best Changes to Upper Body for females – Series 2.

Ngaire lost 6.21kg in body fat and had fantastic increases in her strength.

Trainer:  Amanda Armitage

Keri – Winner Best Changes to Upper Body Award- Series 5

“Thanks everyone – I’m having a blast with this challenge! I really look forward to the newsletters each week, they’re really great reading – can’t wait to get into work and open them up! I’d have to say that without my trainer’s enthusiasm I wouldn’t be in nearly as good a shape as I am now. I’m feeling the best I’ve felt in years. In fact I can’t remember feeling so inspired by life. As for the last 5 weeks of my challenge – I say BRING IT ON!!”

Trainer:  Paul Todd


“I love the fact the challenge is 20 weeks, sure there have been days harder than others but that’s real life, I’ve found it’s how I now cope with the ups and downs that’s a real testament to how the 20 week challenge has helped me.

I recently celebrated my 30th on the Gold Coast and am proud to say, wore a bikini for the first time in ages.  I feel healthy, strong and confident and can’t think of a better set of emotions to start off the decade!”

Trainer:  Belinda Edmondston

TimWinner of the Series 5 Best Changes to Upper Body

“The 20 week competition gave me drive to follow my goals. This is definitely a highlight chapter in my life…I have never felt happier…I sleep better and my relationship with my partner has improved 100%. The 20 Week competition and my personal trainer have show me the true beauty of living.”

Trainer: Dwayne Thomas

Tracey – Winner of the Overall Body Shape Change – Series 4

Having lost 17.9 kgs in the 2008 Competition she’s kept the weight for over a year, taken up mountain bike riding, competed in two more 20 week competitions and the grueling Spring Challenge. Tracey was also our star performer at the Trapeze class and has now completed a course to be a Personal Trainer herself!

Trainer: Tarsh Guy


Dennis – Winner of the Diamond Mine Best Overall Entrant in the Series 5

Dennis lost some 3kg and 7% in body fat.  He not only had positive changes in all his measurements he achieved great improvements in his cardio-vascular fitness achieving his personal best time in the Lake Hood Half Marathon.  By the end of the Competition he was squatting with 180kg, doing 92 pushups and some 23 chin ups.

In the later part of the 20 week challenge I realised I was moving towards a body shape that I had considered was beyond me…

… I now weigh less than I ever have in the last 12 years – since my mid-20s. I’ve had to buy a belt just so that my pants will stay up! My strength gains have given me many benefits in life and I love the results.

The most significant change for me over this 20 week challenge is my level of motivation. I have really enjoyed going to the gym and running every week – at no time in the past have I ever felt like this. I know that this motivational shift is part of my on-going personal development and, combined with the inspiration from my personal trainer and information I have gleaned from the 20 week weekly newsletters, I have learnt so much about creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 20 weeks is a great amount of time to fully change unhealthy habits and implement new healthy beliefs and habits that will keep me on track for my entire life time.

Trainer: Dwayne Thomas

Lisa was the Diamond Mine Best Overall Entrant in Series 4. While she lost 14.9kg her story reveals how so very much more about the positive changes that took place in her life.

“My life has changed so dramatically that I would like to share my journey with you…” to read more  of Lisa’ story click here

Lisa is trained by Dwayne Thomas

View photos of our Dec 2009 Awards

View a slideshow from one of our Series 3 competition:

Deb’s story continued…”OK – so I might not have officially won the Challenge but I know I am a winner at the end of this 20 weeks. So…..where to begin? I turned the big 50 last year which made me stop and assess a lot of things – I had put on 5 Kg in 3 years, which may not sound a lot but 60 wasn’t looking too good if I kept putting on weight at that rate.I have dabbled in “getting fit” for years – going to the gym and doing classes (sometimes), walking up a hill (now and again) and trying to eat sensibly (until something intervened like boredom, frustration, overwork, etc, etc.) so when my PT, Belinda, mentioned the 20 Week Challenge on our first training session I glibly agreed to commit to 12 weeks thinking that would be longer than I’d stuck anything out in the past and I was sure I’d find an excuse to quit if I needed one – like menopause or something).

My main aim was to lose body fat and increase my aerobic fitness and I was hoping that would also result in some weight loss and size reduction too. I’ve never really enjoyed running or any kind of exercise with high cardio content so it was a real challenge to me to even start some of the activities I needed to do to reach my goals

When Belinda emailed me my training programme I remember ringing her to let her know she had made a mistake and sent me something intended for one of Canterbury Tactix. She had such big ideas of what I could achieve that I just scoffed. But when I read through the plan for the first month I realized that I was already doing one or two of the activities I just needed to lift my game and fit another 2 or 3 in each week and with her help I managed to do just that.

My first trip out of town with work was the first big test but Belinda had given me such a variety of workouts that I had some options of programmes to do in my motel room or up the hill, or even the local gym. After having achieved that I was pretty keen not to ruin my work by using food for comfort like I usually do when I travel as it’s the one thing I looked forward to all day. I have made 4 or 5 work trips over the duration of the Challenge and each time made sensible food choices and done my best to keep my training going in some form.

This has been a difficult year for me personally and health issues culminated in my having an operation about a month into the Challenge. Like many people involved in manufacturing this has not been a very positive year work wise. Having just turned 50 makes me a “woman of a certain age” and my body has been behaving in some strange and uncomfortable ways. In the past the combination of these factors would have seen me give up on any kind of challenge because I was too tired, down, unwell or simply unmotivated. My PT, Belinda, had put such an awesome effort into helping me succeed and made the Challenge fun (most of the time anyway) and the fact that I was seeing positive results each week gave me the incentive to continue. The Challenge became something positive for me to focus on and one of the few things I could have some kind of control of in my life

In hindsight it would have been easy to quit at the 12 week mark – I had just come back from a week’s holiday in Fiji (one of only 2 weeks that I put weight on) then Belinda was away on holiday the following week). But I’d actually forgotten about my original commitment until Belinda reminded me a couple of weeks ago.

Since taking up the Challenge there have been a number of positives that stand out and have seen me almost cruise through the 20 weeks

I am the lightest I have been in 15 years

I bought my first pair of size 12 jeans last week since 1995

My heart rate is about 10-15 BPM less when exercising

My skinny workmate gave me a couple of skirts that actually fit me

One of my workmates commented on my ”tiny waist” (I don’t think I had one before)

I have hugely improved my performance in all my aerobic activities

I have gained so much from this challenge – some things I expected and others were almost bi-products.

I have established and maintained a healthy and satisfying eating regime which includes having my home, office and car well stocked with fruit, nuts, protein bars, rice crackers, cottage cheese etc.

I realize how many “treats” I didn’t really miss and no longer crave muffins, slices and chocolates (doesn’t mean I’ll never eat them again but certainly not like I used to)

I have a much better understanding of how my body reacts with food and exercise (I also know it can be pretty unpredictable sometimes too)

As the 20 Week Challenge draws to a close I feel confident that I will maintain and maybe even tweak my new shape and fitness. 20 weeks has been long enough that the exercise and eating have become habit – I now have to consider what my next personal challenge will be. Thanks for the experience.” Deb M

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Lisa’s story continued

“For a long time, I abused my body with overeating blaming it on the emotional issues which were going on in my life. I would hide behind a professional veil at work then come home and collapse in front of the TV. I was continually tired, lacking in self esteem and didn’t have the energy or motivation to do anything else. I would turn down invitations from my friends to socialize because I was embarrassed at the way I looked. My life had become very lonely and isolated, but I felt powerless to stop the cycle of self sabotage. I realised at that point I had lost all control of my life. I wanted so disparately to regain control and enjoy a happy balance life.

The turning point came when I met my personal trainer, Dwayne Thomas and he introduced me to the 20 week challenge. When I first met Dwayne I was adamant that I only wanted to walk around the hills, I hated the thought of running and I was a gym phobic, all I needed was someone to motivate me and get me out of the house! On our sessions Dwayne would talk to me about nutrition, and healthy living in general. Every day I would have a question for him as I threw myself into my self development. It soon became apparent to me that loosing weight was only a small percentage of the changes I wanted to make to my life.

Dwayne designed a healthy eating nutritional plan for me that taught me how to plan and prepare my food, it didn’t take me long before I understood the significance of “you are what you eat” really meant. My fitness programme was designed to be varied and fun, as he knew I became bored very quickly, we would walk the hills and go tramping. As I began to loose weight my energy levels increased and I started feeling a lot more positive about myself and about life.

The categories that Dwayne and I had chosen on the 20 week challenge helped me set my goals and focus on working towards achieving those goals. The tests throughout the 20 week challenge kept me motivated and inspired me to improve my results. I was always determined to beat my previous time. And if I was honest, I secretly wanted to beat the other guys too. It wasn’t long before Dwayne got me running, I loudly protested at first – he knew how much I hated it, I can hear myself saying to him “never in a million years will you get me running”. Five weeks into the 20 week challenge I ran the 12km city to surf race in 1 hour 26mins and now I am hooked. If I can’t get up into the hills for a run I get so grumpy. Dwayne worked hard on increasing my endurance and stamina, improving my cardio fitness, every day was a different challenge!

Although my cardio fitness was steadily improving I wasn’t building muscle which I meant only one thing – working out with weights in the gym… Just at the mention of the word “GYM”, I used to freeze. This was something else I had said to Dwayne “There is no way on this earth you will get me into a gym”. Dwayne indicated to me that building muscle was important for my weight loss goals. It took me a good couple of months before I could go to the gym and not have a panic episode or feel nauseous. Seeing the results of the weights and circuit training has given me new confidence in the gym and I can actually walk in without feeling physically sick.

I have implemented many changes in my life, and have a new philosophy to life; I embrace each day with love and passion which completely amazes me. I’m healthy, happy and enjoy a wonderful lifestyle now, something that only a few months ago I could only dream about. My friends and family are amazed at the physical and physiological transformation that has happened to me in the last 20 weeks.

At the start I just wanted to lose weight, but I have found myself a new life. I am proud of my achievements, and it is with Dwayne’s inspiration, motivation and support through every step of my journey that I found the courage and determination to be the person I wanted to be.

I never believed I could feel this good – if I can do it…anyone can!”

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